Easter Scavenger Hunt

Years ago we we had just moved shortly before Easter and funds were tight. Instead of going overboard on individual easter baskets we made one giant basket and created a scavenger hunt for the kids to find it. We set out little notes with clues on them to start the kids off. Each note led them to another location around the house and eventually into the yard where we hid eggs.

My hubby kept an eye out and when the kids had found almost all the eggs he took one (with the clue in it) out of his pocket and hid it for them to find. While he did that the basket magically appeared on the table where the first clue was originally! The kids were shocked and had a blast. It really did drag the process out and was fun for all. The added bonus was they didn’t complain about sharing one basket!

Here are a few samples of notes you could use:


  1. This is an adorable idea! For my eldest’s 3rd easter we left a trail of fake daisy blossoms through the house so he had to pick up each one and follow the trail to his basket 🙂 New follower!