Easter Egg Hunt

Every year the local library hosts an Easter Egg hunt for the children 0-6 in our community. They fill plastic eggs and place them all around the children’s book area. You never know where you will find one. Behind books, in between books and even on top of books.

Anthony discovered one behind the trash can last year so that was one of the first places he wanted to look this year. Sure enough, he found an egg! He even found one in the trash can – too funny! They keep a stash of eggs and place them around as the children find them so that those who come late are sure to get some too!

Anthony sat down to look into a cubby area, he was pulling stuffed animals out of it. His father said “Ok let’s see if we can find more eggs”, assuming this was not a good spot. Anthony found 3 inside there! His bucket was half full when we were done. All in all a successful day!


  1. How fun!! Since we missed the only egghunt in the area around here due to crappy weather, my sister is going to provide one for my daughter on Easter. Yay!!