Hop Along Friday

This week the kids were out of school for spring break. At the start of the week we talked about something they could work on all week and surprise the grown ups with on Sunday. They decided to dance to a song but haven’t really practiced it in the few days we were apart so today I suggested stand up comedy. I really should send Danny to the store to pick up some crackers – so far these jokes are cheesy!

the kids
Ivan, Anthony, Karmen and Emily (Emily wasnt mad its her silly pose!)
the kids
Why are weddings stupid? They always start with Duh Dum Da Dum
the kids
(see what I mean? Cheesy!)

The laughs are a welcome relief this morning though, because last night we were all worried about Nicole. My youngest (Drew) called me last night to let me know he had to take his wife to the ER. They were able to take care of the issue and released her. She has a bit of a road ahead but at least she can take some time to get informed about the decisions that need to be made. They remain in our thoughts and prayers!


  1. What a bunch of hams! They are so cute!

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