Off The Map

Off The Map

Last night I watched “Off the Map” on ABC. I really like this show, but I have some conflicted feelings about it. Every week since the show started I have watched and each day after I think about something that happened on the show. I wonder if this is all made up or really a fictional version of something that actually happened. 

When they aired an episode where Ben (clinic owner) went to see his wife who is in a coma, I felt for him but was surprised because I didn’t expect that she was alive. When he admitted he kept her in a coma so he had access to her trust that funded the clinic it really made me rethink respecting that character.

Last nights episode really topped them all. Ben was put into a position where he knowingly had to break the law, but his friend seemed outraged he could judge him after all he was doing with his wife. He even accused Ben as using his wife as a human ATM to fund the clinic and the show ends with him admitting that is what he is doing.

Could this really happen?

It made me think about an episode of Private Practice – the man that raped Charlotte needed surgery to live and they “considered” killing him. Seriously! Shonda Rhimes really has a way of making me wonder.


  1. I have watched Off the Map a couple of times and wondered the same as you. I’m not paticuarly fond of this show, but I do like Private Practice and of course, Grey’s Anatomy. After all, how much can happen in a jungle??? 😉