A Simple Thank You

Joan & Patty

 We all have those two little ones sitting on our shoulders. One says “DO IT!” While the other one says “You know better!” In my twenties the one encouraging what I wanted was the side that won. As I neared 30 my sister told me it was time to clean my closets. She often says things to me that make no sense to me at all, then a few years later I have that Ah Ha moment. She was right (oh dear she may read this and I’ll never hear the end of it.. lol) Im not saying she is right all the time but she clearly knows me.

This weekend I had the opportunity to sway one way or another on an issue that really had me thinking. I had always taught my boys to say what they mean and mean what they say.. That a man is only worth his word. That got me to thinking about integrity. I don’t really want to think about my tombstone yet, but I also don’t want it to say “who knows what she was thinking” – I want to be remembered for being the type of person who had something important to contribute.

This takes me back to growing up, how specific statements really do teach a lesson worth learning. I thought I would share a few with you guys that were handed down to me:

Always keep your threshold clean (this one was odd but if you really think it through.. how dirty is a house if someone took time to wipe the threshold!)

You are responsible for your happiness (this one came to me during my divorce and made no sense to me then but means everything to me now!)

Rich man counts his money one penny at a time ( I used that lots with my sons!)

A man is only worth his word (this one was told to me when I wasn’t worth my word and it made the difference)

All of those statements were said to me from the same person, even though they were simply handing them down to the next generation. My sister Joan has impacted my life with compassion, love, wisdom, integrity, encouragement and joy! She is also my sister so you know she added a touch of practical joking along the way as well! I’d admit I have too! Thank you for being my big sister Joan!


  1. I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is NOTHING you can do about it. Thanks for the kind words… I will pay you later..LOL
    Love ya, Sissa