Disney Family Vacation

We are planning a trip to Walt Disney World for our family vacation this year! The kids are so excited and have listed tons of rides and activities they hope to get to do.

We have fifteen people attending the 8 night/9 day reunion so I have been busy with the planning and making sure we are finding the best deals we can. I had no idea how little time there really is when compared to all there is available to do in Orlando, Fla!

Our first order of business was to narrow down exactly who all was going to attend. That would give us the head count needed to find the right place to stay. We ultimately decided to rent a vacation home since our group is quite large.

Next my daughter-in-law, Kristen, spent hours with me surfing and researching homes. My youngest son pitched in and we found the 7 bedroom 4.5 bathroom house that will be perfect for us!

Now that we have a house picked out and reserved, we need to get there. So off to search for best flight deals and rental cars! Again Kristen was able to find some really great deals and we purchased our tickets and rental cars!

Now we are looking for best excursion deals and planning our itinerary and meal plans. We still have a few months to get this all worked out but so far we are all excited and cant wait until we arrive!

If you have any tips or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave us your comments!


  1. We went in November and it was a blast! We took in the Titanic, Holy Land, Disney (4-day pass), and Universal. Phew! Next time, we will focus on Disney and the beach. We wanted to go to the beach, but never made it. If you need to pick my brain, go for it. Also, I have a Twitter that I don’t advertise called @DealzOrlando. Check it out! I post or forward a lot of news and deals related to Orlando and nearby cities (mostly Jacksonville). I wish I had paid more attention to deal sites before we went! But, we booked our resort through Armed Forces Vacation Club (less than $400 for a 7-day stay) and got a military discount for Disney. Sweet!