Making Money Online

It is no secret to many of my readers that I created this blog with the intention of journaling about my “work from home” progress. I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick scheme and in this post I wont be sharing anything like that. Here I will be posting about several things I have tried and succeeded at.

Content –
Most people I talk to about blogging say they don’t have time or anything to say. If you want this to work – make time! We all have something to say! So find your niche and run with it.

  •           Do you know how to save with coupons?
  •           Do others beg you for your potluck recipes?
  •           Do all your friends ask you for computer advice?
  •           Maybe you are the Cat Whisperer!
  • Look at what you are passionate about and you will find your niche.

    Now what?
    Well now you have your niche, where do you post about it? You could sign up for a variety of free blog sites (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) or you could even buy a domain, get hosting and start your own from scratch. If any of that seems overwhelming then my suggestion would be try places like Squidoo or Hubpages. They host your content for free and you have the possibility of making money in the process.

    Squidoo is a user-generated website which uses the concept of a lens as its primary feature. Squidoo is notable in that it allows users to create multimedia pages without learning HTML. Lenses are much like blog posts, except they’re on a single subject.

    The site also employs a unique revenue share: 50% of all revenue goes to the lensmasters. The site also allows content creators to earn revenue from referral links to sites like, Ebay, Cafepress and Zazzle.

    HubPages is a user generated content site. Users (known as Hubbers) submit magazine-style articles which are posted as individual webpages (referred to as Hubs). Unlike some other user content sites, Hubbers retain all intellectual property rights to their Hubs, and can delete them at any time.

    HubPages earns revenue through Google Adsense ads which appear on Hubs. The 60:40 revenue split is achieved by alternating the code used in advertisements: the Hubber’s code is displayed 60% of the time, and HubPages’ code 40%.

    They can also earn income by opting to include Kontera contextual ads, or by using eBay and advertising capsules with thier own. In each case, the Hubber must be a member of the corresponding affiliate program as an individual and are paid directly by the affiliate company, not by HubPages.


    Putting Out The Welcome Mat
    Now that you have a place to host your written word, you have a little bit more work to do. Create your content and invite the public to view it. Just because you create a webpage, blog, lens or hub doesn’t mean you are guaranteed visitors. You have to make that happen!

    Using keywords in your titles and throughout your posts (lens or hubs) is one valuable way to get search engines to find your content. Make sure you use tags that compliment your content and if you use images – name them with keywords as well.

    Creating back links to your blog or website is really an important key for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When the search engine crawlers are scouring the internet they notice links. Make sure you add your address to any signatures used on the internet and in your email.

    There are numerous ways to back link to your page. Join communities within your niche. Get involved there an on forums. If you blog hop make sure you leave your address in your comment, but also make sure you are commenting and not spamming.

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    Coming Soon:
    Tips, Tricks and links to even more ways to make money online.
    What has worked and what hasn’t.


    1. Soooo I can do this. If I really put time and energy into it?? I am willing. =)

      • Nana Poppins says

        Sure you can! I know people always say “If I can do this anyone can do this.” It’s True!

    2. New follower and new to blogging….
      Great post. Thanks!!