If you’re happy, you’re successful

I checked the value of the 12 lenses I’ve made in the last month – together they are worth over $100 dollars. That is just the value of them if I sell now. The ad share and affiliate sales have already started earning me money on Squidoo. Of course Im going to hold onto my lenses but it is good to know if I sold them today I could at least make that much money!

I added two new lenses recently –
Adopting An Adult

Imagination Movers

I’ve also been reading up in the forums there about SEO and back links. I didn’t understand this stuff when I first started blogging so Im finding it interesting how much Squidoo is helping my blog become better.

In my next post I will be sharing tips and tricks I have learned. Links to pages that help create back links to your website or blog (Like Technorati)