I’ve Been Blessed!

I know I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to my boys. I also know as a family we are blessed to have each other and do all we can for each other. I appreciate the opportunity to work on this blog and more, but today’s topic title is referring to my Squidoo Lenses being blessed.  

When you write for Squidoo you are a lensmaster and the posts you create are lenses. Every month certain lensmasters are appointed as SquidAngels and they go from lens to lens in search of something they like. If your work qualifies they bless it.  

With each blessing your lens also gets a few perks. Blessed lenses get a small push in page rank which helps increase getting your work noticed faster. It is also another way of validating newer lensmasters and letting them know they are on the right track with the quality of work they are producing.  

Today I received my forth blessing! Im so honored!  

My Blessed Lensography –  

The Imagination Movers 
The Imagination MoversWhile watching the Disney channel one morning there were these four guys that played songs during commercial breaks. Anthony and I would sing along to “Numbers in my bag” and “Calling all movers”, their music was quite catchy.  

Blessed Lens(Blessed by SquidAngel Treasures-By-Brenda)  


 Adopting An Adult
Adopting An AdultI hadn’t heard about the possibility of adopting an adult before. I always thought only the step-father coming into a family should consider adoption to change the last name of the children. I guess a mother would consider adopting if you had a situation of yours, mine and ours.  

Blessed Lens(Blessed by SquidAngel vanidiana


Husband & Wife Debate!
Husband & Wife Debate!Danny and I have been married for 17 years, together over 19. It still amazes me how different our opinions on issues are. I can almost always predict what he is going to say before he says it. He cant do the same! Oh he thinks he can, but Im going to use this lens to prove a point. 

Blessed Lens(Blessed by SquidAngel moonlitta)Blessed Lens(Blessed by SquidAngel Jack2205)

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  1. Just dropping by because I see that you haven’t hooked up with my current giveaway. It’s a doozie! It is on my 2/1 blog post.