Helping A Child Learn To Act

Our grandson, Ivan, is going to be in a local production of Tom Sawyer, The Pirate. I was thrilled to be able to take him to his first practice and cant wait to see the show. He was actually given two separate parts in the play because he was in the right place at the right time.

He seems a bit overwhelmed at the moment and my goal is to help him enjoy the process and not worry so much. The hardest part is memorizing his lines. Ivan just needs to learn it is important for him to not only know what he is supposed to say, but when to say it.

The Plan:
Break down the lines into manageable chunks.
Memorizing the play by acts.
Make an audio recording of his lines so he can listen to it at any time to help the process.

I really hope this experience encourages him to be more confident. Whenever I see the opportunity to involve the kids into arts of any kind I really push for it. Music, drama or dance is just as important as the sports they play!


  1. My fiance was into acting by the time he was Morgan’s age. She wants to be in a play already. Lucky for you Ivan will have more patience for it because he’s a bit older. Acting was always something I wanted to get into but was never able.
    Just remind him when it seems difficult, that when the time comes he will see that it was worth all the effort. All his family are proud of what he’s doing. There is nothing better than that for a child his age.
    I’m envious