Animal Alphabet Stories

Animal Alphabet Stories: A Treasury of Fun Alphabet Rhymes

Anthony received this book for Christmas from his super-duper Aunt Joan. He was excited he had a new book we could read during school time. The rhymes are engaging and the illustrations are really fantastic!

Yesterday we sat down to read and started with our ABC’s. Each section starts with a letter and picture of an animal. I would say ”Hey that looks like an Alligator!” and it was an alligator sitting with the letter A. Under that picture was the sentence: A is for Alligator.

We read the book from cover to cover. Anthony would read the starting sentence for each letter. At dinner last night he announced to his mother, “Hey Mommy, I can read now!” and told her about his day.

Today I drew a picture of Poppy and wrote.. P is for Poppy. He read that aloud, Danny was really amazed he knew what it said. My wonderful husband never misses an opportunity to tell me how amazed he is with my many talents, though today he implied I don’t have a future as a police sketch artist.



  1. I think you would make a great police sketch artist. It looks just like Danny!!!

  2. Have neglected you, sorry. Just read the last 5 and enjoyed them thoroughly.

    You have a gift, gal!

  3. I would follow but I don’t understand the facebook thing. I use my FB for family ONLY! So, is there any other way?