What to drink instead of soda?

My son texted me today and asked me what drink alternatives he can have in place of all the soda he downs. He thinks water is boring and has never really liked tea or coffee.

Years ago when I quit drinking soda it replaced it with water, tea and coffee. After thinking about it for a bit, I texted back to him with the standard reply – add fruit to it.

Then I got to thinking about what he could do.

We all have this problem at some point so I decided to look up the answer. After surfing for a bit I found some really interesting advice and thought I would share.

Wisebread.com Xin Lu suggests Eight Natural Ways to Make Water More Flavorful. Their solutions range from salt to cucumbers. Worth the read.

Gloria Tsang, RD of HealthCastle.com writes about Surprising Health Benefits of Concord Grape Juice.

“Studies have shown that Concord grapes are loaded with various kinds of flavonoids, a type of powerful antioxidant that is also found in berries, cocoa, red wine, and tea. In fact, purple Concord grape juice ranks the highest in antioxidant activity among 13 juices tested, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in March 2007.”

Her article goes on to talk about benefits of this juice helping promote healthy arteries and lowering blood pressure.

Other suggestions I found were sports drinks and different types of teas. Deciding which substitute would work for you really depends on your reasons for limiting or quitting soda all together. If you need the bubbles – sparkling water would be the solution or one of those home soda makers like sodastream.

I would love to hear what alternatives you have tried and would recommend!


  1. I love cucumber water. Discovered it while I was visiting Las Vegas last year. I drink the flavored water from Walmart/Costco. You can get it in a variety of flavors. I think most grocery stores carry it. He can also try the Crystal Light flavors. My daughter loves it in her water.