Santa Claus can check his list

“Nana, are you ready?” Anthony calls out to me about 9:45am. He had been asking that all morning.

You would have thought he was excited about something! “I am ready” was my response. We grabbed our coats and boots and walked hand in hand to the library.

Just around the curve we could see the parking lot, a few more steps and we saw the building. Anthony talked about Santa and how he got here the whole way. We decided the chilly wind we felt must have been brought by Santa from the North Pole.

We entered the front door and there he was! Santa Claus! He was sitting by the fire and near the decorated tree. Dory (the wonderful lady that usually reads stories to the children) was there as Santa’s helper today. We walked into the second door and the grip on my hand got tight. Anthony wasn’t sure about this after all.

We walked up and Dory greeted Anthony and introduced him to the jolly fellow sitting there. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas.. Anthony looked at Dory. I walked up and started talking to Santa. I shook his hand and thanked him for coming all this way.

I asked Anthony if he wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he would like for Christmas but he said “No Thanks.” I said well how will he know what to bring you? Anthony looked at me and plain as day said “He can just check his list.”

Finally he agreed to stand near the tree and get his picture taken, this was about as close to Santa as he wanted to be.
Anthony & Santa


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