Chaos, panic and disorder – My work here is done.

While pondering what to write about on my blog this morning a funny thing happened. I sent a mass message out on my personal facebook account to some of my family and friends.

I asked them to reply privately but some just hit reply thinking it was private. My niece Jen was enjoying her day off and was one of the people I included in my message. Her cell phone went nuts!

Now that I have stopped laughing.. I wonder why facebook has the reply to person so small at top of the message but a HUGE Reply button (which Replies to ALL) at the bottom.

It was a harmless message just asking a few people to send me their snail mail so I could update my Christmas card list. I should have taken time to message each privately but wanted to save a step.

Oh well if it can be done wrong, Im sure to find that way first! Just saying!


  1. hi Nana, these type of problems tend to occur multiple times to me on Facebook. The whole idea of having to learn new things online is troublesome, I hope to one day overcome my Facebook challenges.

    have a Great Weekend 🙂