Café Joan

As a way to encourage the kids to pass their spelling tests, I told them whoever brought me an A Friday afternoon could spend Saturday night. Karmen came into the house holding her test up with the A on it. Ivan and Emily walked in empty handed. Anthony was able to spell his name and say his vowels. He attempted to spell Nana.. ANAN (at least he had the right letters!)

Saturday came along and Anthony and Karmen showed up with bags packed ready to spend the night. My sister once again revived Café Joan in true fashion! She posted a menu and took orders! The kids love this treatment.. Once again VIP Guests!

This time around I do have a few pictures to share!

I wish you could smell this!!

Karmen expressed her appreciation with art!

Not sure if this will repeat next weekend but Ivan and Emily decided they aren’t taking any chances and plan to study hard this week!


  1. What a creative way to encourage them! I love the idea, how fun

  2. Made me smile. I wouldn’t have gotten to stay at Nana’s often. But I’m sure this would have encouraged to try harder. Great idea!

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  5. that a great way to get the kids to study harder a menu even you guys or the best i enjoy reading about all of you and what you or up to