That time of year!!

I often wrestle with – “When is a good date to start decorating for the season?” It always seems some people have their trees up the day after Thanksgiving, while others wait a bit longer. The stores are getting us ready to shop as soon as the little ones have collected their candy.

Each year we are different about when we decorate and how much we decorate. We have had a couple years the tree went up way too late. We have even had a tree-less year – well almost.. we did get a mini. When the boys were younger we usually decorated the second week of December.

One year I went so far with the décor – I wrapped and re-hung my art in the living room to match my theme. I know! I had a ton of time on my hands that year! When do you start to decorate and how far is too far? It would be interesting to see what others think.


  1. To quote a famous, smart person we all know and love: “Bah-Humbug”! lol 🙂

  2. Before my son was born, we always decorated the last weekend of November. When my son was born on December 9, I wanted to keep his birthday separate from Christmas so we always waited until the 10th of December to decorate. He’s now 17, and told me that I can decorate whenever I want. LOL I will likely be doing everything this weekend, and can’t wait!

  3. I would love to start decorating in July if my neighbors wouldn’t think I’ve gone loony. I think the weekend after Thanksgiving is perfect but I married the Grinch and he always wants to wait an extra week.

  4. We always decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The neighbors up the street had the outside of their home decorated before Halloween. That is definitely too much! As for the amount of decorations, we have a tree and a few other little things we scatter about. I use my spode plates for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. We make ornaments with the kids sometimes. But, that’s about it. No lights on our house, no wrapped paintings, just a jolly old tree.

  5. I have always loved the season and figure if I’m putting all that effort in that it should stay up for awhile.
    My fiance though is not so crazy about it so we have worked a system that works.
    No decorations until the first of Dec. this was the first year it wasn’t up ON the first.
    We go shopping the day after christmas so that when the next year rolls around I’m dying to crack out all my new stuff to play with so to speak.
    If i didn’t work, my house would have pictures wrapped too. I adore the holiday season because it reminds me to cherish the real gifts in life which to me is my family and cherished friends