I’m on a 30 day diet. So far, Ive lost 15 days.

I really want to take time to thank all of you for your kind comments yesterday. That really meant so much to me. My back is much better now thanks!

Today I have a few things on my mind and decided to wrap it all into one rant, rave and fav post. Im sure we all have those days, especially with the upcoming holidays. Here is today’s Rant, Rave and Fav!!

Do you hop or stumble?

I have joined in on quite a few blog hops. I find them time consuming and informative. I always try to take time to read the most current posts so that my comments are genuine. I hit the GFC “Follow” and if there is twitter and facebook I follow there as well.

I do visit regular blogs that I found entertaining, informative or frugal. However, I don’t make it back to some I adored simply because there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Do you guys really make it back and follow, I mean really follow and not just a click on a button, of those many blogs? If so how do you find the time?


Yesterday I read a blog post about true friendship. I responded with an opinion I formed from an email I had received years ago. Reason, Season or Lifetime. Last night on facebook I stumbled upon some really special people that touched my life. Even though I think about them -some often, some from time to time- the reality is I wasn’t sure I would have heard from them again. Im glad I did!!!

Pat K. really means a lot to our family. She has influenced my children and provided me sanity in some of my most insane moments. When our son went to war – she was there. When our first granddaughter came into our lives – she was there. When we moved out west we lost touch, but thanks to facebook we are now able to communicate again!


My sister Joan has always been a strong force in my life. By nature she nurtures people with words and/or food and kindness. If you ask my granddaughter Karmen, Aunt Joan is the Muffin (Wo)Man! Many of the early mornings I wake to the smell of fresh muffins and she never lets me out the door without a batch for the kids.

As a mother of 5 (my incredible nieces and nephews) she is no stranger to cooking for a crew. Last night she really outdid herself! Below you can see the Chowder and Pie she made for us. I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of the awesome homemade cornbread that went with it! Though I can tell you there isn’t any left!

Potato Corn Chowder and Pear Pie

After dinner my Dad, Joan, James, Danny and I played 31. It’s a cute card game we are just learning. Ivan taught me how to play since he learned this game from his other Nana. It was fun and my dad accused us all of cheating.. So you know we laughed at him! Now you can see why Joan has made my fav section two RRF posts in a row! Im truly blessed to have a sister like her, and I should tell her more often how much I love her!


  1. That dinner your Sis made looks fantastic and that pie crust looks so flaky I was wondering if it was made with lard or butter. Yummy! Sorry I missed the post on you back but I am thankful that you are felling better!


  2. I actually do keep up with those I follow through my reader 🙂

    mmmm that chowder and pie looks good!!!

    Have a fabulous week . . . Gina


  3. The crust was made with butter and was flaky. I have read that you really should use both, butter and lard, to get the flakiest crust. Haven’t done that yet, maybe when I can get some lard from grass fed animal I will give it a try.

  4. Hey Sissa, I don’t think you are suppose to lose DAYS…….anyway I love ya just cause you are you.

  5. I follow so many blogs, it’s to hard to keep up. I check my reader and comment on ones I feel look good:) There is just not enough time in the day. The food looks amazing, and cornbread I LOVE! And true friendship is hard to come by anymore sad to say. I have one true friend in real life.

  6. patty you know that i think about you and your family often true friends will always find there way back to each other love you tell danny hi

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  8. I stumble a lot but google reader has helped me! One thing I do is create folders. So some blogs I follow daily, others I follow weekly, and others I really only get to monthly– from time to time I move blogs around. I would love to read what everyone has to say every day but I just can’t get to it all. I always enjoy your post, though 😉