Automotive repairs

Yesterday morning my hubby went to start the truck and it said ‘No!” I left the truck at the kids house and called my Dad. Just like any super hero he came right away to save the day! He took Anthony, Karmen (she had snuffles) and I to my house.

After several attempts at jump starting the truck (and just short of kicking tires) it still refused to turn over. So the hubs called a tow truck and sent our sick vehicle to the ‘doctor” (kind of ironic our mechanic is Doctor D).

So we went about rearranging everyone’s life – borrowing our kids minivan – and figuring out schedules to make this work – we got the news! The battery is shot.. But all else is fine (whew). So we got the new battery installed and even gave the truck some new fluids.

Why does it seem vehicles break down just when we have allocated funds to everything but that? Do you think I can stick a bow on the truck and give it to hubby for his Christmas gift? Haha!


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