It’s Wednesday

Today I decided to post Rants, Raves and Favs.

I’ve been struggling somewhat with how to make money while still being able to stay home. I joined a few major companies for mystery shopping. I figured that was something I do anyway, why not get paid! I live in such a small community, so there really aren’t many options. However, I have done a few shops and got paid so it really isn’t a waste of time.

I signed up for many, many (MANY) paid emails, surveys, points… you name it and Im on their list. This is too time consuming and really a pain for pennies. The most frustrating are the panels that claim ‘no purchase necessary’, then they send you opportunities to make money that require you to “join” memberships or purchase items. Im slowly unsubscribing to most of them.

This week I have won two giveaways and a blog award. Im on top of the world! I told my hubby to get a lotto ticket – haha. I cant wait to get the Phonics DVDs, Im sure they will help the kids and really jump start Anthony into kindergarten. I also won handmade cards.. I was offered the option of Handcrafted Christmas cards or Mixed Occasion cards.. I picked occasion. I will take photos of them and share!

I was stumped on a favorite thing so I checked my email. There was a greeting from Tiffany C, in my reply to her I remembered something cute and thought ‘Hey that is a favorite thing!” Why is it you can talk to friends easily but get stumped when writing a blog post? Or is it just me?

This afternoon Im taking Anthony to story time. Dory is so great with the kids and he just loves her. When she has finished a book she smiles at the children and says “The end my friend” Now he thinks you have to say that at the end of every book!

Well that is it! If any of you want to share your money making experiences (suggestions) .. Brag about prizes you won.. Or just say Hi.. Feel free to leave a comment!

Have a great day!


  1. Great rants, raves, and faves post! I love it. i am a new follower here from Free Hot Samples Hoppin’ Weekend! I am looking forward to more posts like this. Congrats on you wins and award!