A few of my favorite blogs

On the right hand side of my page I have a scrolling list of “Blogs to see!” I put each one of them there because I found something about them that I adore.
Today I decide to share exactly why they earned that spot on my blog. Another quick point to make is they aren’t listed in order of my appreciation, I just moved the buttons around until I liked the way the graphics looked together.

Fabulous Finds by Nimblergrove was the host to my first blog hop. Tiffany actually took time with me to explain “follow” on GFC and helped me thru email so I could get that link up. I was so impressed that she took personal time to help me out.
The other host of that blog hop was
Chubby Cheeks Thinks. She has great giveaways and more!

Be Positive Mom was my first friend in the Bloggy Moms Community. Bloggy Moms also lead me to an article about monetizing posted on JaMonkey. Another great post about monetizing can be found on Inspiring You To Save! I found Lita’s World in the community as well. She was explaining how she came up with her name Lita and her story is really cute. That took me to look at her blog and marvel at the things we have in common. Check it out!

During these blog hops I bounce around for hours. I actually take time to look and read and comment on most. I always see MomsReview4You in those lists! The Lee jeans post for breast cancer awareness captured my heart and I became a member of her team. Her goal was to raise $250, sadly we are only at $30. Its not too late you can still donate!

When it comes to savings and coupons, I like these sites: Savings Corner and Coupon Clippin’ Daddy. The rest of the blogs listed were a few of the ones I picked from a list of many to pay it forward with a blog award! I found something cute or entertaining on each site that caught my attention.

While I am linking blogs I like, I thought I would add a few posts that I have gotten emails and comments about. Play dough is something you can do any time of year, but since Halloween is around the corner I thought Anthony and I would make our own pumpkins. I will add pictures! The other post I just received an email about was Poker Chips and Parenting.. All in! Im thrilled that this is working for others.


  1. Hi Nana,

    Thanks for mentioning my site! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend.

  2. Love this. Thanks so much for the mention. It was my pleasure to help. I think you helped me right back a few days later over some HTML issues I was having on my blog. Hope your having a great weekend 🙂

  3. Oh, and thank for following my other blog as well 🙂

  4. Thanks Daddy (hehe) and Tiffany.. I am having a great weekend!
    Off to have dinner with the kids.. Kristen has had her hand full with soccer so they are coming here to eat 🙂

  5. Just voted for you again! 🙂

  6. Sounds like some good blogs, I’ll have to check them out.

  7. Wow, thank you so much for your kids words and support!


  8. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  9. What a great blog you have!! Not only is the design really pretty, I’m really enjoying what you have to say. I saw your post over at Be Positive Mom and thought I’d pop over here to see your blog. Definitely a new follower!
    ~Kristin @ http://mangocallalily.blogspot.com

  10. Thank you so much for mentioning my site and I am so glad that you are following and enjoying all the great deals that I share. Thanks again!
    Tina @ Savings Corner

  11. Hi! New Follower..
    Hope you stop by too! 😉

  12. Love the positive feel of your blog, especially in this post! Hopping back through… and a new follower too!

  13. I found your blog on twitter. Very lovely blog. I really like the way you put it together. Thanks for sharing the info on the other blogs. Please stop by and visit my blog @ http://mommetime.com/

  14. Hi following you back from the bloghops!

  15. I also got some personal attention from Tiffany at Nimbler Grove – lol – she is such a sweetie – I hop with her every week that I can!
    Thanks for visiting mrsnonoknows! I am following you back! 🙂 Stop by anytime!
    Carla aka Mrs. NoNo
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