Post-it Tuesday.. short and sweet

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Post-it Note Tuesday
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  1. Today was our first day of school too! I’ll be posting about it tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for following me!

  2. So glad to meet you and so happy to have found your blog! Thanks for finding me first!!
    I am now following you in every possible way that I can!
    It is my pleasure, what a great blog you have!

  3. School starts for my two big ones on Monday. I can’t wait! 🙂

  4. Had that moment, only it was a sports moment. Long story short-the 9th grade sports schedule isn’t finalized, and we found out the first day of school, there was a game the next day. No uniforms yet (2 weeks until first game)This is the first year there is only 1 9th grade team, out of all the 9th grades, so it was a combine of several junior highs, and they arepart of the HS. (a move to 4 yr high school, finally). So it was great fun