My home work!

Day 2, 31DBBB:

My list post is about Anthony. He plays such a big role in my day to day life. I am constantly trying to think of ways to teach him.

Ten things we do together :

  1. Sing – We sing typical childhood songs, but also make up songs as we work. I find it helps with developing his language skills and sounds. The more interactive the better!
  2. Dance – We dance around the house like rock stars at a concert! The exercise is good for young children and my personal opinion is that it helps with balance.
  3. Make Believe – Anthony and I travel the world (around the home), We go on safari and see some of the most interesting animals. We line up chairs (so the kitchen can get mopped), and take a train ride!
  4. Red Light, Green Light – We walk to the library for story time. On the way he tends to want to run ahead, so I shout “Red Light” and he stops! If he doesn’t stop, he holds my hand. He now looks both ways and then we cross the street together. Walking safety is important and this game really helps.
  5. Reading – We read books together. I always point at the words when I read. In a few books he can actually pick out words now.
  6. Blocks – Any type of block or even things like plastic Easter eggs, help a child use their small motor skills. This will help them control a pencil better and focus to write letters within the lines later on. Any tasks that requires focus and finger control helps!
  7. Color, Cut and Glue – Anthony likes to do all of those things. While doing craft projects we talk about colors or shapes. We count items we have/need. We cooperate to finish the projects.
  8. Cooking – Anthony likes to crack the eggs and stir anything and everything. I find this encourages him to eat what he is involved in making.
  9. Talk – Sometimes we just talk about things on his mind. He tells me about something his family did or suggests things he would like to do/make/see. Four year olds are quite independent!
  10. Snuggle – We ‘rest’ in the afternoons. Sometimes it may be a nap, other times its just some quiet snuggle time. We don’t do this everyday, but he sure lets me know if he needs too.


  1. Sounds like a lot of work, but soooo rewarding! He’s so cute, it’s worth it!