Is there life before coffee?

The phone rings. I stumble over to the computer desk and grab it. “Hello?” (Im sure it sounded more like Hmmfrow) It was my son Ken and he actually asked if he woke me up. I told him no I had to get up to answer the phone. Apparently 7:30 (AM!) is the appropriate time to call and let your mom know your child has a soccer game at 3 (PM!!). How long does he think it takes me to get ready?

The day starts. I wander into the kitchen and start the coffee. The coffee maker must have been having one of those mornings too, as it seemed slower than usual. I have no idea why I started to think a watched pot never boils, maybe a watched coffee maker doesn’t drip. Quickly I look away! That worked! Pouring my first cup of coffee is like that feeling you get when watching two people run towards each other in a romance film. Ahh!

That first sip of coffee makes all right in the world, well in my world for that moment anyway!

Quick Update:

Ivan’s soccer team tied their first game of the season. The twins team won their first game 3-1. Anthony let me know he didn’t want to go home to his house because he liked letter puzzles.. Haha! I told him one of my favorite things about his house was the fact my grandkids live there and he told his parents it was time to go home!


  1. I got up at 5:00 a.m. Couldn’t possibly look this day in the face, so I went back to bed. Got up 10 a.m. lol Bob had the coffee on—yea! 🙂

    Today is the start of college football. I am all reved up—coffee helped! lol 🙂

    Love, Vicky

  2. Cute blog!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ Relax and Surf Sunday!!

  3. I have coffee around 9:30 at night, when my boys finally go to sleep…then again when we get up in the morning. I can totally relate 🙂 I am following you back. Thanks for surfing by.