Day 1, Build A Better Blog!

I was trying to decide if I should do the 31DBBB. What is that you ask? It really means 31 days to build a better blog. Problogger started this and I found many others who have accomplished it within the SITS community. I can do that! I work on my blog almost everyday so this should be a cinch! Too easy! I have the information needed to start!

Day 1: Write an Elevator Pitch

Screeech! My town only has one public elevator, and it only goes up one floor. After moving here from Atlanta, that in itself was a shocker! Could I really pitch in the length of that ride? So basically if I cant tweet it, its too long.

Nana Poppins is a blog about the experiences I am having with life, kids, grandkids and balancing staying/working at home.

 I would really appreciate any and all feedback as I go through this process.


  1. Hi! Following you back from Friday’s blog hop. Hope you have a great Monday!


  2. I tried to do this in August when it started but I only got to day 5 and then the kids came back from grandmas. I haven’t got back into the swing of it but thanks for the reminder I would like to do this! Now kids are in school I will have more time. Nice blog!!! Love the name!

  3. OOOOOO, me likey! I wanna do it! I wanna do it!
    Ok, so can ya give me a site? A starting point? Or how about just tell me what to do, and I’ll keep checking in and we’ll do it together! 😉

  4. Great post! Maybe you could do a follow up on this topic 😀

    My regards

  5. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.