Back to school!

Tomorrow is the first day of school in our part of the world. The kids are excited about having their stuff all together and laid out. Kristen has to work early, so I get the thrill of sharing the start of their first day back! They are ready with all the glue, markers, pencils and notebooks any scholar would want as well as snacks for the entire class and enough tissues to fend off the plague.

I was looking at this really cute pink notebook with it’s own strap! Oh the girls needed this! I looked around for a price in the massive collection of ‘buy this and your kid will be an honor student’ stock. Found the price, It was $35 (FOR A NOTEBOOK WITH STRAP!) After the kids helped me pick my jaw off the floor I explained to them its not that cute after all.

Anthony is ready for school too! He comes and spends his school days with me and we read, write, craft. We eat lunch with Poppy then its time for recess. Sometimes we go to the park first then lunch and lessons. We go to Mommy and Me play dates and story time at the library! He tells the older kids its his “Nana School” .. don’t ya love it!


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