Texting Nana

It started out to be a normal Saturday afternoon. I received a text message from my son: “Mom was gonna ask kids if they wanna see nana but thought id ask if you were cool w/it first.”  So I replied “Im home all are welcome”

I had been blog hopping all afternoon and forgot to eat, I was starving and decided to make dinner early. Expecting the brood over I cooked for the small army arriving. My hubby came home from work and I told Danny the “kids” were on their way but may have stopped off. So we started eating, figuring they would join in when they got there.

An hour later I get another text from my son: “Hey what you kool kats doing? Wanna come over for dinner my lovely wife made?” Seriously! (said in my best Meredith Grey impersonation) So I called him back (as Im putting food away) and let him know we just ate. I asked him if I misunderstood his earlier text and he said nah he was just checking but they decided to stay home. Seriously! My lesson learned here is 1) A text message is not a firm RSVP. B) Don’t wait all day to eat. 3) Im a Kool Kat!


  1. Sorry they didn’t come eat with you, that has got to be frustrating! The bright side is you are a KOOL KAT! 🙂