Staycation is here!

The next ten days are vacation time, but we are staying home. So I am working on ideas to help make it fun and relaxing. So out goes my “honey do” lists! This weekend is Danny’s (the hubby) birthday and we usually have Sunday dinners with the whole family. Partay!

Next week I want to take a day drive to local attractions we never made time to see. Anthony thinks we need to go see Toy Story 3 at the drive-in since his Buzz Light Year Jacket (that actually lights up) is warm. (Update) We are heading down to the drive-in saturday night!

No matter what we do, Im sure by the time Danny returns to work he will be worn out enough to feel like we trudged across the country. If you have any at home vacation ideas for us, please feel free to post them on our facebook page. Id love to hear some!