Siberia aka Kids table!

Tonight we went to dinner at my son’s house. My daughter-in-law prepared a wonderful meal (as always). She made chicken breasts stuffed with basil, sliced tomato rolled up and topped with mozzarella cheese (caprese style). They had the table all set up with two seats at the counter in the kitchen. Usually the kids eat there and I tease them about being in Siberia.

None of the four children ever ‘volunteer’ for the kids table. Today I decided to eat at the counter and was lucky to have Karmen join me. It was a nice change. I really enjoyed our private time, usually I don’t get to spend alone time with just one. I was telling her about a recipe of chicken pot pie from a southern restaurant I used to work for. We decided that is what I will make for Sunday dinner next week.

I had the best company, enjoyed my meal and have a plan for next week in the bag! Who knew taking a vacation to the cold lonely seats at the counter would be so warm and friendly! Maybe eating in Siberia isn’t so bad after all.


  1. Sometimes heading over to the “kids” table is much more fun than being with all the adults! Unless you’re a mom taking care of all of them!!! Cute though that you had such a nice one on one time! I saw you on Bloggy Mom. So sweet of you to care for your grandkids! Wish my mom was closer to do that for me!!! 🙂 ~Kimberly