Procrastination.. Dinner was late!

Yesterday was the hubby’s birthday. Usually we have Sunday dinner at 4:30. I woke up at 10:30, had been online until 3am. I needed that morning hour to wake and motivate. I swear the older I get the more time it takes to warm up! I made my list and was off to the shower to get ready. I had a plan, for those who know me, to have a list ready is huge.

List in hand and looking at the clock, I was wondering where the time went and convincing myself “I got this”. I didnt get home from the store until 3pm, still convinced that I can get dinner on the table by 5.  I bought two small roasts thinking they would cook faster then one big one. [note to self: they don’t]

My “helpful” grandkids were here! Carrot peeling should have been a faster task, I mean I had helpers in the kitchen! It took everything in me not to push those very helpful kids out of my way and do it myself. So dinner went into the oven at 3:45. I warned the family we would be eating at 6 now, because two small roasts surely would cook in that time.

At 6 I had all the fixing ready! Unfortunately the star of the meal wasn’t! So back to the living room to inform everyone dinner would be ready at 7. The grown-ups were so kind, but you could feel hunger stewing in the air. The helpful kids were not so kind. “Nana, Im hungry!” “Are we going to eat dinner sometime today?” “Maybe we should have Poppy’s cake first” [those helpful kids are full of suggestions too]

At 7:20 there was a mad dash for the dinning room! Food was flying and it was a fairly quite meal. Lots of mmm’s and you didn’t dare reach in front of anyone for fear of losing a limb. At the end, I sat at the table for a moment staring at all the empty dishes. Everyone was telling me how wonderful the meal was. I was just glad it was over!

How to get the table cleared? I said who wants birthday cake? The kids cheered and started making trips to the kitchen. The grown ups looked at me like I lost any possible marble I may have had in my head. They were stuffed and didn’t want cake at that moment. The table was cleared though, mission accomplished! It was getting late and if we didn’t eat that cake soon it would have been breakfast. So we sang to Danny and had cake and ice cream.

My favorite part of it all was my dad’s compliment as he left. He said the meal was worth waiting for! Moral of the story, the longer you make them wait, the less culinary skill you need to receive praise! Maybe this procrastination thing isn’t so bad, Ill wait and see!


  1. Nice article! Funny too! You’re doing great! 🙂

  2. Great blog! I’m following from MomsReview4You Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you’ll stop by soon!