My smart phone.. isnt!

Back in May I got the Samsung Strive (thanks for pointing out my typo cheapy.. lol). It only comes in two colors black and purple. I got black. After having the phone for 3 weeks the memory card slot wouldnt work. So I returned it for a new one. They only had purple. In the two months I have had it I notice it has features but doesnt like it if you use them! I assigned all the loves of my life a tune and picture, but the phone was sluggish so back to typical. It is a smart phone.. really?? It plays mp3s but has no earplug jack. If you dare play music the sound quality is awful and it drains your battery after about 6 full songs. The camera is my favorite part.

Three days ago it just decided it was finished working. I charge it over night and within a few hours off charger it dies. Im really upset because I have had so many problems in under 3 months of having this phone. Oh well back to the AT&T store!