I can’t think right now.. I’m working

Did you know.. starring at a blank page really doesn’t make your mind come up with anything interesting to type? At my family gatherings I am usually the stand up comedian, but as I sit here.. nothing (crickets). It really seems to be one of those “tap tap tap is this thing on” moments.

The other day I was on a blog hop and got a couple comments about not having a follow button. I have facebook, twitter and a grab my button but didn’t know about Google Friends. Hey Im new! It wasn’t in the instruction manual. Thankfully, Tiffany C. emailed me explaining what the fuss was about and a link to fix my dilemma!

The kids call my dad Boogey (short for Boogeyman) instead of great-grandpa. Tonight after dinner we played some games with Boogey, then I watched him teach the twins how to remember the names of the seven dwarfs (they way he taught me). Seeing him torture my daughter-in-law to see if she was paying attention was fun too!

The kids are excited they get to walk to Boogey’s after school again this year. Ivan and Boogey were talking about games and computer time schedules. I think Ivan was trying for permanent Wednesdays since they get out an hour earlier that day each week. Dad wasn’t fooled!

So there you have it. My rant, rave and fav for this past week.