Blog Reviews

 I came across this site LinkFromBlogs on another blog and saw they buy blog reviews. So I thought I would give this a shot! Hey Im willing to try most anything once!

From what I understand so far, you choose an advertiser and bid to write for them and quote a price it is worth to you. Then they can either agree, disagree or offer a lower price if they feel your bid was too high.

Ultimately you choose from there if you are keen to do the job! Sounds easy enough. You don’t write anything for that advertiser until you get confirmation they are willing to pay you.

Update:  They said my blog is too young and for me to try back later. Originally they asked me to post a banner link but that link went bad two days before they emailed me. It seems they arent as professional as I had hoped.


  1. Great idea. I’m going to have to look into it. I have no offically following your blog. Glad you got the GFC up on your blog. Interested in hosted a blog hop with me in the next couple of weeks?

  2. Stopping in for a looksee! Following you now!

  3. Hey, this looks like a good idea!

  4. Following from I love your site! Love the proud grandma comments… you sound like my mom when she talks about my kids! 🙂

  5. thanks for the twitter folow!
    Following you back!
    This sounds like a GREAT opportunity. Please post an update and let us know how it is working/works out!
    aka Bizee Mama

  6. ModredVintage says

    Make sure to follow-up and let us know how it goes.