Big Brother

One of the things I like to do is watch reality television. I don’t know why it’s so addicting for me but it is. Every summer CBS comes out with big brother. It’s a show about a social experiment taking strangers and putting them in a house… they can’t leave, there’s no television, there’s no reading and they used to not even be able to know the time. All of the contestants compete in competitions to earn different things like {Read More}

Essential Oils

I haven’t joined the essential oil craze so far because I am smell sensitive. This past weekend I hurt my back and went to see my chiropractor. We talked about allergies and Claritin, I can’t use that regularly because it gives me a headache. He said it did the same for him. He told me he started using essential oils and they work great. A friend of mine accurately sells them, so today I ran to the market and got {Read More}

Happy Birthday

This time of year we have a few birthdays in a row. My niece and best friend have one a few days before then 16th, 17th, and 18th we party like a Congo line. Not really. This year we aren’t even in the same town. Usually we get together for the big moments… you know those that end in 0! Happy birthday to all the Geminis out there!

Fun at the beach

This weekend we filled a Saturday with almost every errand you could imagine. We started our morning grabbing breakfast and the boys, Anthony and Carter. Anthony was invited to a birthday party first thing so the rush was on. Anthony makes molasses look fast, so we need to ‘encourage’ him to hurry. Carter was ready in two minutes.. now if Anthony was ready we probably would wait on Carter. Off to the store we go! They seem to pick everything {Read More}


Today Carter and I went to story time at the local library. We do this most every week. It allows for him to socialize with his friends and lets me get a moment to myself. Today it was hosted by Miss Sallie, she does a wonderful job with the kids. They sing songs, read stories and do an art project. Afterwards we check out books for the week. I couldn’t help but think back to a few years ago when {Read More}